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News Antennas Installed. All antenna's 100% legally specified for Australian Conditions. In Victoria you receive TV from the Channel 10 Como building in South Yarra or the Dandenongs. We have BOTH types of Antennas available.


Changing over to superior digital television can be cumbersome work for the best of us.. We'll have you set up with in minutes of coming to your property. We can SURGE PROTECT all of your costly electrical devices as a bonus.


Do you have an issue with a television channel not working or some sort of bad weather playing havoc with your aerial? Don't worry, pick up the phone and call us and a few hours later your issue will be resolved as fast as possible.

Extra TV

Do you require an additional Antenna or Aerial or F-Plug point installed at one of your properties? No problem, give us a call and we'll get there with in an hour or so and have the job done on the day, we'll even amplify the signal to ensure your viewing pleasure in years to come.

Digital Set
Top Boxes

Who doesn't love digital television? Seriously? From ABC to SBS and all the Men's channels such as ONE, 7Mate and Go! to 41 (Aboriginal TV), all the conventional channels and TVSN for the ladies (all for free). Switch today..

Mounting &

We engage in PLASMA, LCD, LED, Rear-Projection Digital and Analog Television Wall-Mounting and service all home entertainment systems as well as all other mounting and wiring work. When you need it done right. Do it with us.


Who doesn't love a home theatre set-up with a wall-mounted projector, cinematic white screen and bose stereo system? Seriously.. We can make this a reality for you. Take action and enhance your cinematic viewing pleasure today.

Book a

Further to our professional customer service, our electro-technicians and electricians can service all forms of home and business entertainment on location throughout Victoria in Australia. Free technical phone support.

100% Satisfaction Guaranteed Or Your Money Back

We 100% FULLY GUARANTEE all of the work we service with our 100% FULL MONEY-BACK GUARANTEE if for any reason our work proves less than 100% professional or is faulty in nature, a FULL REFUND WILL ALWAYS APPLY.

It is our great privilege to service your requests and we take your claims VERY SERIOUSLY. We have NEVER BEEN to the fair work tribunal because no one has EVER brought a claim against us due to our PROFESSIONAL work-standards. We pride ourselves on our problem solving ability and genuinely care about rendering only the highest forms of professional service versus price-point and customer satisfaction.

If for any reason you are not 100% satisfied with our product, pick up the phone and dial 1300-355-335 then detail your issue so we can form a positive outcome for both parties.

You should be advised that all refunds are subject to a FULL INVESTIGATION. However, NO-ONE has ever brought forth a refund request which is probably due to our PERFECT CUSTOMER SERVICE RECORD that we pride ourselves on always maintaining. Need professional support? 1300-355-335.

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TV Aerials & Antenna Roof Work

TV Aerials, Satellite Dishes, Cable Installations, Roof work, Wall work, Wiring and Point Installations. Are all with in a days work for Melbourne TV Repair. You can contact us on our 24/7 SERVICE HOTLINE and we'll be more than happy to service your request. Promptly, efficiently and with the least amount of distubance possible. Our rates are VERY COMPETITIVE and we guarantee to beat our competitors by 10% (subject to written proof, i.e. receipt, etc).

SERVICE HOTLINE: 1300-355-335

Multiroom Wireless Technology

Do you need Multi-Room home entertainment work carried out? Or perhaps you require a "WIRELESS REMOTE" solution for your home stereo system? Perhaps an OUTDOOR WATER-PROOF stereo system?
This is a piece of cake @ Melbourne Antenna Repair. We have professional staff members standing by to service your requests. Life gets REALLY EASY when you hire the right staff for the right job. Let's get you started on the right path:

SERVICE HOTLINE: 1300-355-335.

International TV (Such as SKY)

Do you need to install "RAI ITALIAN TV" or perhaps "SKY NEWS" or some foreign channel like "ANTENNA" etc?

If this is the case, for all your international channel requirements. You should contact us first and get the job done right.

You can contact us on this phone number:
Business hours: 9am to 5pm M to F.
(24/7 for urgent requests & weekends)
10% Discount to Pensioners & the Elderly.

SERVICE HOTLINE: 1300-355-335

Antenna & Cable Services

We service any and all forms of home and business entertainment hardware, software and issues. You need to bookmark this page so it can come in handy down the track. If you need to repair your home entertainment equipent or hire someone to come out to your property and rectify any antenna entertainment issues. You should give us a call, even when upgrading to a new television we are very competitive.

SERVICE HOTLINE: 1300-355-335

European & Australian Satellite

It's always a very time consuming and memory intensive process when setting up your own international satellite television channels.

Let's take the pain and hardship out of the process set you up today.

We'll come to your property and guide you through the process.

SERVICE HOTLINE: 1300-355-335

TV & Stereo Wall Mounting

This picture says it all, we provide you with PROFESSIONAL wall-mounting services worthy of making any electrician envious.

If you require a television, stereo system, amplifier, projector or just about any other electrical device wall-mounted (INCLUDING BUSINESS AND RESIDENTIAL SECURITY SYSTEMS), you should give us a call so we can come out to your property.

SERVICE HOTLINE: 1300-355-335

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